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Camtasia Studio Recorder

  • Popular Langkah Membina Program Light Detector Sensor

    Langkah Membina Program Light Detector Sensor

    by faridahhanimyahya Added 678 Views / 0 Likes

    Klip video ini berkonsepkan 'know-how' video yang merakamkan langkah-langkah untuk membina Program Light Detector Censor. Program ini pula dibangunkan menggunakan perisian Lego Mindstorms Edu Nxt. Manakala, perisian Camtasia Studio Recorder pula digunakan

  • Popular Start Recording Using Camtasia

    Start Recording Using Camtasia

    by Added 21.5k Views / 0 Likes

    This video clip shows how to start recording movement of a pointer on the screen using Camtasia Studio Recorder. The final part of the video includes the steps on how to create a CAMREC file which is used for editing.

  • Popular Special Effects During Recording

    Special Effects During Recording

    by Added 7,203 Views / 0 Likes

    This video clip demonstrates steps how to insert a special effect during recording using Camtasia StudioRecorder. The special effect that isapplied in the video clip, is called cursor effect. The first part of this video shows how to select cursor effect

  • Popular Knowing Recorder in Camtasia

    Knowing Recorder in Camtasia

    by Added 11.3k Views / 1 Likes

    This video clip demonstrates screencast techniquewhich is applied using Camtasia Studio Recorder. This recorder can capture PowerPoint slides, software demos, web pages, courseware and so forth.This videos shows three main functions in Recorder: screen si